Did you know that "teresa's beauty bar" was named after the owner teresa herself. Teresa BELIEVED that nothing was impossible. 

Teresa was born in Vietnam 1972. At age 19 she came to america with her family. Her father was a pilot during the Vietnam war. Because her father was american, she was able to come to the U.S.

Thank you to everyone for making my dreams come true. Mostly my clients because you are my number one supporters. Life is all about taking risk and I sure did with the salon. I hope to inspire other people that are around me to just go for it. You do not need millions of dollars or collage degrees but if you do thats great. I sure didn't all I had was a dream. I turn that into reality by going after it and trusting god. So thank you again for making my dreams come true. I hope you enjoy the salon as much as I do and continue visiting.