mindful mini                    pedi $30 / mani $17

Perfect for those on the go. Includes: blissful soak, detailed cuticle trimming, nail shape, pumice stone, light message and a choice of your polish. 


T's signature spa           pedi $40 / mani $20      

Treat yourself with our signature service. It provides not only the essential but a touch of luxury as well. Includes: calming soak, detailed cuticle trim, nail shaping, callus remover, organic sugar scrub, foot mask, hot towels, therapeutic massage and a choice of your polish. 


blissful tea tree           pedi $45 / mani $25

Caring for the health of your feet starts here. Tea tree oils anti-fungus and antiseptic properties soothe and speed up the healing process, while its anti-fugal properties help prevent foot/toe nails infections and swollen feet. The tea tree pedicure is designed to provide the deep cleansing benefits of tea tree in every step. Includes: calming soak infused with tea tree oil, detailed cuticle trim, nail shape, callus remover, tea tree salt scrub, tea tree foot mask, hot towels and deep massage. 


t's deluxe                       Pedi $50 / mani $30 

 Taking care of your body includes giving attention to your feet, an often neglected part of the body. pampering your feet with a pedicure not only keeps you looking good in summer shoes, it also relieves stressed and tight muscles. Hot stones are used to perform trigger point massage. It also helps increase energy levels, soothe nerves, and poor circulation. Includes: calming soak, callus remover, salt scrub, hot rocks, paraffin wax and deep tissue massage. 


black diamond              pedi $60/ mani $35 

Take a dip into a jelly soak filled with enrich vitamins. Charcoal is a highly effective detoxifying ingredients. It works by behaving like magnets, attracting and absorbing dirt, oil, impurities and odor causing bacteria. Includes: crystal soak, callus remover, dead sea scrub, detoxifying foot mask, hot rocks filled with vitamins, and paraffin wax. *Collagen soaks included


citrus splash                Pedi $70 / mani $40 

A good pampering is key; this service is done in our private VIP rooms for your comfort and relaxation. Take a splash in powered milk and coffee beans that will be added to your pedi soak. The lactic acid in the milk helps exfoliate the skin, restore cracked heels and discoloration. We sometimes forget that stress is not only in your mind but also your entire body.  Coffee contains large amounts of multiple antioxidants, which contains hydrodynamic acids that helps prevent stress. So take a splash in our all natural ingredients. Includes: powered milk, coffee beans, callus remover, lime salt scrub, blended avocado/milk foot mask wrap in hot towels, hot rocks, paraffin wax and deep tissue massage. *jelly soak included


jelly soak  treatment                            additional $8                            

Jelly soak can be added to any pedicure $40 above. Jelly soak turns water into a luxurious encasing comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. Jelly is added to warm water which turns it into a translucent/fluffy jelly form. It is dissolved by baking soda which helps turn the jelly back into water. 

FUN? Jelly comes in different colors and different smell. This is a must try! looks like slushhy


collagen sock/gloves treatment          ADDITIONAL $8

Each mask is pre-loaded with argon oil and collagen rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. Beneficial for clients who have dry or cracked heels.


SNS DIPPING POWDER                                  $40

Dip powder helps the nail grow out stronger and healthier by adding different types of vitamins and calcium. 


          nail Enhancement

FULL SET (gel pol)           FULL SET $50/ FILL $38 & up                FULL SET (gel pol) FULL SET $40/FILL $28 & up

GLITTER OMBRE              FULL SET $48/ FILL $25                           U.V GEL                              FULL SET $50/ FILL $35 & up

U.V PINK & WHITE           FULL SET $50/ FILL $40                          PINK & WHITE                  FULL SET $47/ FILL $35 & up




EYELASH TINTING           $25                   SIDE BURNS                        $10                        FULL BACK                          $50

EYEBROW TINTING         $15                   UNDER ARMS                     $25                        THREADING                       $20+

EYEBROWS                         $12                   HALF LEGS                          $35                         BIKINI WAX                         $35

LIP                                        $8+                  FULL LEGS                           $60

CHIN                                    $10+                CHEST                                   $35

FULL FACE                          $35                  UPPER BACK                       $25

BRAZILIAN WAX $65 FOR FIRST APPOINTMENT - $45 AFTER                                    



NAIL LEGHTH                     $5+                         PARAFFIN WAX               $5                  GEL POLISH ADD ON      $15

NAIL SHAPE CHANGE       $5+                          FRENCH TIPS (DIP)        $10                SOAK OFF (REDONE)       $5

CUT DOWN                          $3                         FRENCH TIP (GEL POL) $5                 SOAK OFF ONLY             $15

GEL POLISH        $30                       SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS      $3+ NAIL DESIGNS $5 +

REG POLISH CHANGE       $15                         CHROME                             $20